We will change default (native) PHP to 7.2 version, on all shared servers (hosting packages).

Change will be performed between 19th and 21st February, depending on the server your hosting account is located on. Precise date of change is sent to contact email address configured in client portal account.

If you have already selected a different PHP version, and you are NOT currently using "native (5.6)" PHP version, this change will not affect your account.

Important! If you use "native (5.6)" version in this account, and host some php application/script that require PHP 5.6 version in this account, or that do not support PHP 7.2 version, your site may stop working after scheduled change. In that case you should choose a version 5.6 for your account or upgrade all your web applications/scripts for new PHP version.

If you prefer to continue using 5.6 version, you should choose 5.6 version that does not contain "native" next to version number.

You can change PHP version according to the following article (first two images)... http://go.dreamweb.rs/phpselector


You can find info about officially supported PHP versions at the following location...


You can find details about changes in PHP 7.x versions at the following locations...





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